We are not a Militia!
We are the 80 Million Conservative American Patriots (political activists) who stand together against the Socialist/Marxist - "COMMUNIST" takeover of America. We believe in the Conservative principles and Godly Patriotic/American values that our great nation was founded upon.  It's time to rescue our nation from the Socialist/Marxist takeover and restore good conservative values that have always made America Great!

Together we must stand against liberal Democrats and their anti-American policies at every level of federal, state, and local government, corrupt establishment Republicans politicians, the "lying" liberal media, and big-tech tyranny.

We must get loud, get involved, and more importantly, we must "Stick Together". That's what the liberal Dems do, and they've been winning...


As Patriots, we must stand together to fight the socialist/communist agenda sweeping across our land and reclaim America in the name of God, Family, and "We The People" in that order.

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Dr. Fauci lies to congress - Again!  He could be responsible for as many as 4 million deaths worldwide.

No Thanks, Mr. Biden. You Can Keep Your Experimental Biological Agent for yourself!

The Biden Administration is planning Door-to-Door vaccines soon. If you are Anti-Vax as we at 80MillionPatriots are, I suggest putting up a "No Trespassing" sign.

COVID-19 Virus and Vaccine a Bio-Weapon?

Highlights from an interview with Dr. Richard Flemeing.  Click Here to watch the full interview.

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