What We're All About

Our goal is to unite 80 million Conservative American Patriots to take our nation back!

We can no longer sit by and let this un-godly and anti-America movement continue to plague our nation, remove our freedom and liberties, erase our rich national history and destroy our American way of life. We are quite literally in a battle between good and evil. We must stand together against...

  • Corruption and Tyranny at every level of local, state, and federal government.
  • Advances of Communism and Tyranny in our society.
  • The establishment of a New World Order.
  • Racism and Racial Division by the radical left.
  • Indoctrination of our children in public education.
  • Perverted Laws aimed at our children.
  • Critical Race Theory & Cancel Culture
  • Attacks on our Religious Liberties
  • Attacks on our freedom of speech
  • Attacks on our gun rights
  • Open Borders & Illegal Immigration.
  • Forced compliance with unconstitutional mandates, shutdowns, and vaccination.
  • Murder of innocent lives through abortion (from conception).
  • and so much more.

We must stand together to fight the communist agenda sweeping across our land and reclaim America in the name of God and "We The People".

We've been far too passive, compliant, and unwilling to speak up or get involved. That must change starting today or our nation is doomed!




Liberals in media and politics have relentlessly tried to replace the meaning of the word Patriot with words like “fascist”, “racist”, “bigot”, “white supremacist”, “domestic terrorist”, and more.  What they have tried to project on to us, is exactly what many of the more radical of the left have become themselves.  Let’s look at the real meaning of Patriot.

"Patriot" definition

  • One who loves, supports, and defends one's country.
  • A person who loves his country, and zealously supports and defends it and its interests.

We as proud Conservative American Patriots must reclaim the true meaning of the word Patriot, and wear that label proudly!

We're Conservative American Patriot Owned and Maintained

As a part of your membership, we provide you with a social media network free from censorship, filtering, fake fact-checking, liberal bias, social engineering, and the manipulation we all see on Big-Tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MeWe, and yes, even Parler. I have been banned and censored on each of these platforms.

This site is geared toward “free-thinking” conservative Americans that are tired of the liberals socialist business as usual. We simply cannot allow liberal socialists to continue to silence our voices or tell us how and what to think!

80MillionPatriots will not directly censor or moderate any content (except for only the most serious violations like illegal activity, child endangerment, etc. as described in the Terms of Service).  We do however allow the community to somewhat police itself. Each person has the ability to both block or report inappropriate behavior, such as might be from liberal trolls. With enough blocks or reports, that content or person is temporarily removed and placed in a queue for review by our Staff.

Group organizers have the ability to moderate their own public/private/or hidden groups as they see fit.

Please review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

We hope you enjoy it, and are thankful you’re here!  Together, let's take back our freedom, our right to free speech, and our nation from the radical socialist left.

Lu Myser
80MillionPatriots Founder

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